Signature Topics

We develop, designs, and facilitate training seminars and speaking engagements for business owners,
with expertise and demonstrated success.

Pricing Strategies to Win Contracts
Teaches participants to:

Understand the Request for Proposal (RFP) process
Use contract types to price bids
Understanding evaluation criteria
Bidding as a prime and subcontractor
How to increase revenues in execution

Essential Management Strategies to Increase Profits
Shows business owners how to:

Gain advantage through competitive analysis
Increase profits through the execution of contracts
Increase management efficiencies to increase revenue

Effective Communication and Client Interaction in the Workplace
Corporate training that teaches:

Understanding the communication model
The 7 C’s of effective communication
Identifying a systematic approach to increase the client’s experience

From Process to Profits; Create a Sustainable Business with Government Contracts!

Teaches participants:

How being proactive in the proposal process increases your chances of a win

Effective bidding strategies when pricing your bids

Identify ways to increase profit levels in executing contracts

How communication can enhance or deter the effectiveness of your project

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