About Us

Greer Business Solutions is founded by Tina L. Greer who has 20+ years of experience in business management, finance, and business development. Aiding clients in problem-solving, goal setting, and achievement, increasing self-esteem and confidence. Coaching business owners to optimize revenue streams from a cost-conscious perspective. Seasoned Pricing Expert working with service contracts of medium to large range proposal values from $30M and above.

Notable successes include optimizing revenue streams and teaching business owners/entrepreneurs to drive sustainable growth. Specializing in government contract bidding, using a proven step-by-step strategy –includes understanding of the procurement process and winning contracts for projects of all sizes.

Key areas of expertise include:
Business Growth & Development ~ Financial Analysis ~ Pricing & Contract Management ~ Proposal Management ~ Revenue Stream Development ~ Cost Management ~ Strategic Networking

We assist aspiring entrepreneurs and companies in creating sustainable robust businesses. We provide training on how to win government contracts, monetize your skill set, and pricing strategies to increase profits.

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